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What do you call the leader of a biology gang?

The nucleus.

Fatima Butt


Hi guys, it’s Fatima :)) I’m a final year Pharmacology student and I am so happy to carry out the 8th session of BioSoc! I’m excited to see everyone in-person this year, & I hope you’ll find our bio fam therapeutic 🥺
If you ever need to find me, I’m probably at Pi, or defo at any of the three lakes! I honestly can’t wait to see all of ye this year, (vaccinated hehe) :)) 💉

                          Favourite Module

I can’t pick omg but let’s go with PHAR30010, PHAR30040 & PHAR30080. Everything about them is just beautiful 😌

Laura Keane

Treasurer/ Careers and Campaigns Officer

I’m Laura and I’m the treasurer and careers & campaigns officer☺️ I’m a second year studying pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry! I love chemistry but don’t hold that against me, biology also has my heart!!

Favourite Module

My favourite module is Phar20040 🥰

Dorian Dederko


I’m Dorian and I am a 4th year Biochemistry and  Molecular Biology student with interests in  immunology and host-pathogen interaction.

I love coffee and plants and when not in college  you’ll find me working in a coffee shop.

Favourite Module

My favourite module has to be Immunology  (BMOL30090)

Aoife de Fréine

Senior Wildlife Officer

Hi! My name is Aoife, I’m from Mayo & I’m a 3rd year biology student studying neuroscience (hopefully!). This year, I’m the society’s Senior Wildlife Officer and its my second year on the BioSoc committee. Promise I’m totally unbiased when I say we’re a pretty cool & friendly bunch and we’d love to have you as a society member! ☺️

Favourite Module

My favourite module is actually the main reason I set my sights on neuroscience as my major for 3rd year. I found Principles of Neuroscience so interesting. All of the lectures were engaging, the assessment wasn’t too bad (which is half the battle!) and one of my favourite professors taught us a part of the course. When I started in UCD, I had no clue what branch of biology I’d pick as a major and was still largely undecided about it halfway through second year. I’d never have thought I’d pick neuroscience before taking the module but it was so good, it pretty much made my mind up for me. I’d definitely recommend it!

Thanks for taking the time to read my little spiel! Hope you enjoy your time in UCD and we’d love to have you in BioSoc!

Kate Duffy

Events Officer

Heyy! I’m Kate and I am the events officer this year  for BioSoc!
I’m so excited to get involved with the committee  this year and help spread the BioSoc gospel!

Favourite Module

(a.k.a. Biomedical Sciences: Understanding  Human Disease)

This module is so interesting and you get great  insight into loads of the degree programmes on  offer in SBBS and SBES!

Andrea Istrati

Chief Design Officer

Hi! I’m Andrea and I’m the Chief Design Officer for BioSoc which basically means I design all the posts (including the one you’re reading right now). It’s my first year with BioSoc and I’m so excited!
I’m a final year pharmacology student which I love! I’m also obsessed with all kinds of arts and crafts like embroidery, graphic design, painting, all of it.

Favourite Module

Chemotherapeutic Agents, it’s so interesting and the module
co-ordinator Hilary is the nicest person ever

Ciarán Dempsey

Website Manager

Hi, I’m Ciarán! I’m a third year biochemist and this is my second year with BioSoc.
This year I’m acting as the website manager for our newly launched website, so shoot me a message if you have any questions!
Off the BioSoc clock, you’re most likely to find me either playing D&D, some video games, or just chilling with some music.

Favourite Module

Biochemistry in Action 


Jessica Darker

Products Officer

Hey! My name is Jess Darker and I’m a final year physiology student.

My role is Products Officer this year. I’m approachable, friendly and have no idea what I’m doing xx

Favourite Module

My favourite module is Endocrine Physiology because Paul Crossey has an attitude and I’m here for it ✌🏼

Amber Cooke Allen


Hi everyone my name is Amber and I am new to Biosoc! I am in second year studying biology with an interest in physiology, cell bio & neuroscience. I can’t wait to get involved and help out with everything Biosoc this semester 🙂

Favourite Module

My favourite modules would have to be either Cell & Tissue Physiology or Principles of Cell Biology in second year. Both modules are soooo interesting and taught really well!

Eilidh O’Connor


Hi! I’m Eilidh and I’m a second year biology student ☺️
I will be one of the OCMs for BioSoc this year.
I’ll be there to help out with all the fun events we’re running. I’m super excited to (hopefully) be on campus for college this year!!

Favourite Module

My favourite module was definitely Biomedical Sciences.
We got to learn about the different human diseases which I found very interesting!

Seán Ó Seasnáin


Hi there. My name is Seán and I’m going into my third year of my Science (hopefully specialising in Biochemistry). I am a pure West Clare man but I have definitely become TOO accustomed to the South Dublin lifestyle 🍾

Favourite Module

My favourite module was Biochemistry in Action mainly because it was such an interesting module. Not too much chemistry so everything was good 😍. Plus we get to learn about so much disciplines within that module whether it was immunology or metabolism. It is an underrated module which gives you the basic gist of biochemistry and really consolidated my interest. The lecturers were lovely and I couldn’t ask for better people from which to learn ☺️.
I am looking forward to working as an OCM with a fantastic team. See ye guys when we get onto campus (I am pleasantly optimistic 😅)

Megan Glynn


Hi all, my name is Megan! I’m from Kildare & I’m a 3rd year biology student studying Maths and Biology Education 🙂 This year is my first year on Biosoc and I’m one of the OCMs!
I’m so happy and excited to be in UCD and to be a part of BioSoc and I’m looking forward to meeting members of the society and hopefully doing fun things in person this year 🙂

Favourite Module

My favourite module is Education for Democracy! I found that questioning the importance of education and exploring everyone’s role in education so interesting. All of the lectures were incredibly engaging, where we would often discuss issues or our thoughts on certain elements of education. I’d definitely recommend it, even as an elective, it really makes you appreciate your role as a student and the world of academia. Some examples of the important questions we would explore were as follows:
“How can we live with others radically different to ourselves?”
“What is the role of the school/the university in the development of a thoughtful citizenry?”

Navya Lalu


Hi guys, I’m Navya and I’m one of the OCMs for this year which means I’ll be helping the committee in any way I can!

I‘m currently a second year biology student and literally enjoy anything bio related.

I can’t wait for an exciting and fun year ahead with BioSoc and hope everyone has a great year ahead ☺️

Favourite Module

Biomedical Science 😍

Tara Joyce


Hi I’m Tara, I’m an Ordinary Committee Member☺️ I am currently in second year studying medicinal chemistry and pharmacology. I’m just a chemistry kid who’s first love was biology🧬.

                           Favourite Module

My favourite module is CHEM20050.

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